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Five Ways to Make A Charter Bus Rental Fun for High School Football Fans in Texas

Posted on February 27, 2017 by Corporate Services International

Five Ways to Make a Charter Bus Rental Fun for High School Football Fans in Texas

Let’s be honest — Texas is home to some of the most loyal sports fans in the country. You would be hard pressed to find fans who are willing to go the distance like Texans. Now that football season is in full swing, it is time for football booster clubs to start thinking how they are going to handle fan transportation to playoff games and championships.

Charter bus rental is one option that will enable you to get as many fans as possible to the game to support your team. If you are going to hire a charter bus company, you will need to have an estimated number of riders so you know how many buses are needed and what kind. From there, you can make the fan experience the best one possible. Consider these points when you are planning the charter bus experience.

1. Pep Up With a Rally

Before the fans even get on the charter buses, you can get the football party going by having a pep rally. Texas football fans are loud and proud, and they are not afraid to show it. A pep rally is a good morale booster for the players, cheerleaders, dance team, pep squad, and fans. Have the band play some songs, get the coaches to give some motivational speeches, and have fans cheer their hearts out before they get on the buses.

2. Pick a Central Location

If you opt to have a pep rally before the buses leave for the game, you can have fans board the buses right at the pep rally location. Be sure that you have some sort of check-in system so that you know who is on each bus. This is especially important if the fans are going to pay for tickets to ride on the buses. This also ensures that you have all of the riders when the buses leave the game.

If you won’t have a pep rally, choose a central location for pickup and drop off of fans. The football stadium where the team usually plays might be an option if there is not another event there that night. If that is not an option, the high school itself or any location with a large parking lot that you can get permission to use would work.

3. Play Up the Team Colors

Your school’s team colors and mascot are great identifiers for your team, so you need to play these up inside the bus. You can use streamers, seat covers, and other items to decorate. Just be sure nothing obstructs the driver’s view and that nothing is going to damage the bus.

You could also get the team logo printed on ponchos and place those on each seat in the bus. If that isn’t possible, try to find ponchos in the team’s colors. As you know, Texas football fans will stick out the game in any weather. Having ponchos in the team’s colors on hand lets the school spirit shine even if the game is a wet one.

4. Plan Plenty of Travel Time

It is always a good idea to pad the schedule a bit when you are heading to a big game. Other fans, even those from the other team, might opt to drive their own vehicles, which can make traffic a nightmare. Getting to the game early ensures that your group is there before the coin toss.

5. Provide Entertainment

The ride to the game and back does not have to be made in silence — you can provide entertainment for the fans. Many charter buses have televisions with DVD players, which is a great opportunity to keep fans fired up. You can play highlight reels from the current season or past seasons, footage from pep rallies, band performances, cheer competitions, dance routines, and other similar performances. If those do not seem like they would appeal to your group, opt for some football movies like “Friday Night Lights” that showcase the love of football in Texas.