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Considerations When Hiring Transportation Services for Your Special Event

Posted on February 27, 2017 by Corporate Services International

Considerations When Hiring Transportation Services for Your Special Event

Making all the plans for a special event can be very difficult. If you are planning an event like a wedding, birthday bash, trip to the prom, or whatever else, you will likely need to figure out the transportation needs. This may be difficult because you might not want to seem like you are forcing people to use the method that you choose. Invariably, you want people to be able to get to and from the event while also being at maximum comfort. One option that you have when you are trying to find the perfect solution is to hire a transportation service.

Date, Time, and Itinerary

If the event you are planning will be widely attended like a prom or homecoming, you need to make plans for transportation services as soon as you know the date.

There are some instances where it is possible to get a transportation service to handle an event, especially when you are able to be a bit flexible about the time or itinerary. This might also be the case if you can be flexible about the type of vehicle you need.

Number of Passengers

All vehicles in a transportation fleet have a maximum number of passengers they can hold. A limo bus, for example, might hold a maximum of 28 passengers. As such, if you have a party bus experience that exceeds that number, you will be required to rent a second limo bus to accommodate however many extra people are attending.

The chart below will show how many people at maximum are allowed in what type of vehicle:

Luxury sedan — 4 passengers

Executive SUV — 6 passengers

Stretch limo — 10 passengers

Executive van — 15 passengers

Small shuttle bus — 25 passengers

Limo bus — 28 passengers

Large shuttle bus — 36 passengers

Motorcoach bus — 55 passengers

The number of passengers is very important because you do not want to have more people show up for the transportation to an event than what the vehicle can accommodate. The extra people will not be able to get into the vehicle and will have to find alternative transportation. With that in mind, it is always best to overestimate the number of people who will need to get use the vehicle’s service.

Amenities Required

Different vehicles have different amenities. Knowing what you will need helps you determine what type of vehicle you need for your event. In most cases, you will not have to worry about amenities like climate control, CD players, and televisions. Those are fairly standard on many vehicles.

Other amenities, like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, might only be available in some vehicles. If you know what you will need, you can ask questions about the amenities when you call to make reservations.

Dance poles and floors, perimeter seating, privacy windows, tinted windows, premium sound systems, and lighting options are some of the other amenities that you can get to keep the party going inside the vehicle.

Alcohol Availability

If the participants in your party are all of legal drinking age, you might be curious about the inclusion of alcohol in the vehicle. This is something that can sometimes be done, so you should be sure to ask about it.

In all likelihood, if you want to have alcohol in the vehicle, you are also going to need a mini bar or refrigerator to keep it cold. Additionally, you have to think about how the alcohol will affect the event itself.

If you plan on bringing alcohol with you for consumption at the event you are attending, you need to find out how the venue will handle it. In some cases, places with permits to serve alcohol are not legally allowed to let people bring alcohol with them into the business. Knowing this information ahead of time will help you tremendously.