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Charter Bus Rental Ideas for a Family Reunion

Posted on October 14, 2016 by Corporate Services International


Family reunions are a time to have fun and enjoy being around loved ones that you haven’t seen recently. Family members might come from out of town to the reunion. If that happens, transportation could be an issue.


Charter bus rental services can ensure your family members make it to the reunion festivities without having to worry how they are going to get there. If you opt to reserve a charter bus for your family reunion, you can use the following ideas to make the most of the rental.


Set the Pickup Points


Once you know where your family members are going to stay, you can set up pickup points for the charter bus. If you are able to have the reunion party set up to stay at a hotel or group of hotels, you could have those as pickup points, as well.


When you make the reservation for the charter bus, you can work with the representative to come up with the route and times for pickup. Even if you only need one pickup location, you can make this happen so your party has plenty of time to make it to the reunion.


You can also work to set up the route for dropping people back off after the festivities are over. As a bonus, this might prevent people from driving after drinking.


Decorate the Charter Bus


Have fun getting the charter bus decorated for the family reunion. If you have a theme for the reunion, or if you have family colors, you can use those as the springboard for ideas. Adding the family tree, family coat of arms, or family crest is another nice touch for decorating the charter bus.


If you plan on giving out shirts or other goodies for the family reunion, you can place them on the seats of the bus or give them out when people get onto the bus. When people get on the bus is a great time to divide the participants into teams for games at the reunion. You can do this with different colored shirts or wristbands.


Use the Time Wisely


You can use the time on the charter bus to tell old family stories or catch up on what is going on with everyone. This can be a great time to relive memories that you have with members of the family. Asking older family members to relay stories from days gone by might give everyone some fun memories to share. Old family folklore is sometimes hilarious, but it can also be a reminder of the ways your family has changed — or remained the same — over the years.


The drive can also be a great time to get the festivities started by watching family movies or going through old pictures. If you want to do this, make sure that you let the reservation representative know what equipment you will need to make this happen.


Take a Trip Down Memory Lane


Nobody said that you have to take the fastest route to the location of the reunion. Instead, take the long, scenic route and stop by landmarks that are important to your family. A quick stop at the location where the matriarch and patriarch of the family got married or met can be a fun and memorable part of the day.


If you are going to take a trip down memory lane, make sure that you let the family members who are going to be on the charter bus know ahead of time so they can plan accordingly. This also gives you the chance to find out if there are any special landmarks that anyone is interested in seeing on the trip.


Provide a Personal Touch


People will sometimes get items at a family reunion. That can pose a problem if they are taking the charter bus back to their home or hotel. You can help to make transporting items a bit easier if you provide bags, such as canvas grocery bags, for the people who are taking the charter bus. Consider having these bags imprinted with wording that lets people know that it was from the family reunion. Adding a ribbon and name tag to each bag can help to keep everyone’s stuff separated.